Although the original federal Homestead Act was discontinued in 1976, several local & state governments still offer free land to qualified applicants. Free Land in America is the world's only compendium of all of the free land giveaways in America, and is updated continuously and frequently.
Our E-Book, Free Land in America, is a detailed guide to obtaining your dream property, for free! It comes complete with application forms, contact numbers, lot maps, photographs, and detailed information about the community in which you'll be living. The current edition profiles over 30 cities and towns across America that offer free land.
Sound too good to be true? It certainly does. But the reality is that several communities across America have taken the initiative to expand their economies and their populations. The best way to do this is to lure hard-working families and individuals to lay down roots and contribute to local society.

The problems of raising a family in America’s big cities are numerous and well-documented. Crime, pollution, poor schools, traffic, and cost of living are but a few of the many problems plaguing American families struggling to survive in the large urban centers. Life doesn’t have to be like this. There are several communities across the country where the American Dream is alive and well, and they are waiting to accept you with open arms. Fresh air, freedom, and a sense of community await you and your family in the towns listed in Free Land in America. Don’t delay and take action now. Your family deserves the best.
Are you tired of renting?
Are you concerned about your children growing up in the city?
Have you ever dreamed of owning your own land?
Have you wanted to just leave it all behind?
Have you ever wished for a greater sense of community?
Do you sometimes dream of living a simpler life?
"This book probably saved me about $70,000. The authors provided a clear and concise, step-by-step guide to getting approved for my free lot, as well as a considerable home builder's rebate. I am now a homeowner for the first time. Thank you."

John Steins
Stockton, CA
"I work from home as a tax consultant, but my wife is a nurse and her job is not nearly as portable. We liked the idea of making a change but were worried about opportunities for employment. As you can imagine, I was pleased to discover you included details such as medical centers when profiling the various communities with free land available. It made it really easy to not only visit the towns, but to set up interviews for nursing positions as well."

Harold & Marjorie White
Scranton, PA
"After dealing with a 2-hour commute and the prospect of being mugged every day for 15 years, when my teenage son was assaulted at school i said, "That's it." We packed up the U-Haul trailer and moved to place where the air is fresh, everyone knows your name, and you don't have to lock your doors. Yes, the America that we remember is alive and well, you just have to go looking for it. 'Free Land in America' is the guide map. Thanks to Dr. Cohen and Mr. Walker, our family has a new lease on life."

The McDonnell Family
Atlanta, GA
"This book is a quality product - a must-read for those considering buying a home. It really changed how I look at real estate. Much of the industry is built on these pre-conceived notions, and 'Free Land in America' really helps to break these down. Definitely the most refreshing book on real estate to come along in recent years. It's creating quite the buzz in the industry"

Jerry Pearlman, CRB, NAR
Palm Beach, FL


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